About Fait Maison.

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Fait Maison came to life in 2016, as a small catering company with one purpose: to make simply good tasting, healthy, and visually beautiful food available to you. At Fait Maison, we love giving, and sharing but uniquely sympathize with those that struggle with receiving.

We  began with good-for-you-food and while it was all about good food in the first place, we quickly realized that there was so much more we could give and share that goes way beyond food, albeit really good food.

It’s an idea mostly, but put into action it can change the way people think, act and treat each other. A lifestyle of healthy living and giving. You see, everything we do we want people to be lifted up even while in the process of change. Cooking, especially with new fresh ingredients for example, can be really intimidating at first, but we didn’t want anyone to struggle to cook a healthy meal. So we began creating recipes with the goal to show how simple cooking truly is; how meaningful, therapeutic and how truly gratifying it is to cook for your family and those around you.

Besides cooking, we also share various life lessons and things we love and learned along the way. Why do we love them? Because to us, they reflect our company’s attributes and philosophies. (health, joy,  peace, and sharing yourself with those you love.) We strive for it as a company, and it’s something within us we live for personally.

It is an understanding and acceptance of our whole self and those around us. It is a lifestyle that we can all choose to create.

Cooking was a very loving, natural first step into this journey which is why we began with writing down what we cook for our own family, journalling cookbooks, was a natural first step. Food for the Soul (shine vol. 1) and A Wise Medicine (shine vol. 2) have such deep meanings. Everything we do, write, create and curate is based on shared intimate personal experiences.

But there is more to it that goes beyond food. We have big plans for the future that you make possible by the love, care, and support shown – every day. And we cannot wait to share that future with you.

Our purpose is to share with you what we learn along the way. Together, we will shine and inspire one another.