Meet Sylvie Coulange.

Our Host / Chef / Author

I am a founder, chef, author, creator and curator of cool things. Much of what you read in my books are based on my own personal observations about living better, starting with what I put into my body. All that follows is what I’ve learned in making both mistakes and successes. As a self-taught cook who began with no prior knowledge or formal training, my motivation was to create simple, healthy, and exceptionally delicious meals to better nourish my family – my two beautiful boys and my husband. My pure motivation is Love. When you go grocery shopping, or to your garden, hand-select ingredients, bring them home, prepare and serve them; it shows you care.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

– Laozi

Nurture your heart,nurture your soul.

With healthy foods & meaningful relationships.

Growing up in the French Caribbean islands, I learned to surf at a young age at my father’s side. My environment was rustic, close to nature, and very laid black. It is the DNA of who I am and seek to further become. Surfer, baker, the center of the home. I am an independent and a uniquely created force of nature, making my own way in life, owning it all, and learning to be proud of it.

Spending time in the water surfing, for me, creates a “flow state” – a state of effortless enjoyment and concentration, so deep that one loses sense of time, self, and problems. If only we could have that all the time. I try to bring this philosophy off the beaches and into my home to share with those around me. My personality, books, and creative goodies all reflect this selfless thinking that shines.

I’m also the founder of Alma Partners, a creative agency based in La Jolla, San Diego with my dear friend and co-founder Renata Campion where we let our artistic free-range inner-child run wild.

flow state.

a state of effortless enjoyment and concentration, so deep that one loses senses of time, self and problems.